Packing for air travel can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to TSA regulations and baggage restrictions. Many travelers often wonder if they can pack hairspray in their carry-on luggage. The answer? It depends on the type of hairspray and the TSA’s regulations. The purpose of this article is to provide readers with the information and tips they need to pack hairspray for air travel.

How to Pack Travel-Size Hairspray in Your Carry-On Luggage

When packing travel-size hairspray in your carry-on luggage, the first step is to ensure that it follows the TSA’s regulations. Always check your airline’s baggage guidelines before packing. To save time and avoid holdup, place your travel-size hairspray in a resealable plastic bag and put it in your carry-on. Hairspray canisters should be no larger than 3.4 oz (100 ml), and they must fit inside a quart-sized bag, which is provided by the TSA.

Types of Hairsprays Allowed on a Plane

Not all hairsprays are created equal and not all are allowed on a plane. Hairsprays that are flammable, classified as hazardous, or contain liquid, gels, or aerosols are not allowed in the cabin. TSA-approved hairsprays are those with a net weight of 3.4 oz (100 ml) or less and must fit inside a quart-sized bag. Non-aerosol spray bottles containing non-flammable liquid can be carried on, as long as they comply with TSA baggage guidelines.

When selecting a hairspray for your travel, it is important to check the TSA regulations in advance and examine the label of the product. Some ingredients, such as pressurized cylinders or chemicals, are not allowed on planes.

Best Travel Size Hairsprays Approved for Use on a Plane

If you’re looking for the best travel size hairspray that is approved for air travel, here are some of the top options:

  • Living Proof Perfect Hair Day: This spray comes in a TSA-approved 2.0 oz bottle and provides a strong, flexible hold without any harsh chemicals. It is perfect for all hair types, even fine hair.
  • Oribe Superfine Hairspray: This is a 2.2-ounce TSA-approved spray that comes with a sleek design and is ideal for all hair lengths and types. It offers a flexible hold and humidity resistance, keeping your hair perfectly styled throughout your journey.
  • Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode: This spray provides excellent hold and moisture resistance, making it perfect for all hair types. It comes in a 2.0-ounce TSA-approved bottle and offers a fine mist application for easy use.

Common Concerns and Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common concerns and frequently asked questions regarding packing hairspray for air travel:

Q: Can I take hairspray on a plane?

A: Yes, you can. However, the hairspray must follow TSA regulations and airline policies.

Q: Can I pack a full-sized hairspray in my checked baggage?

A: Yes, you can pack full-sized hairspray in your checked baggage, but make sure it is wrapped securely to avoid any damage to other baggage.

Q: What happens if my hairspray does not meet the TSA’s restrictions?

A: Any item that does not meet the TSA’s restrictions will be confiscated, and you will not be allowed to bring it with you. The product will not be returned at the airport, and in some cases, you may face a fine.

Tips and Recommendations for Packing Hairspray While Traveling

Here are some tips for packing hairspray while traveling:

  • Use dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh during air travel
  • Pack a temporary hairspray, which can wash out easily.
  • Consider trying lightweight hair styling products like mousse and pomades for alternative styles that don’t require hairspray.
  • Buy travel-size hairspray for your convenience


In conclusion, it is possible to take travel-size hairspray on a plane as long as it meets TSA regulations and airline policies. You can check these regulations on the TSA website or contact your airlines for details. When packing, it is important to consider the type of hairspray you are taking, the size of the bottle, and how to pack it securely. With these tips and recommendations, you can pack your travel-size hairspray easily and conveniently for your next journey.

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