Twitter is a great source to represent your business online, build brand awareness and generate business leads. 

That’s why your Twitter profile is so important. To build trust, you should have a trustworthy Twitter profile. One way to do this is to clean your Twitter profile from fake and bot followers.

You can do it manually if you have a small number of fake followers. But if you need to remove many followers, you should use Circleboom!

You can mass remove Twitter followers on Circleboom with one click. 

Circleboom: The Best Twitter Follower Remover

You should follow these steps to remove Twitter followers in bulk with Circleboom:

Step #1: Log into Circleboom Twitter.

In a couple of seconds, you will get to the dashboard.

Step #2: Select first “Search”  and then “All My Followers” on the left-hand menu.

Step #3: Your all Twitter followers will be listed. One option is clicking on the “Visit” button to go to their profile. You can identify if they really are authentic or fake profiles.

Then, you can select all or some of them and click on the “Remove Selected Accounts” button to mass remove all your Twitter followers.

Thanks to Circleboom’s iOS app, you can remove followers on your mobile devices.

You can follow these steps to remove followers on iPhone:

Download and log into Circleboom’s iOS app on your iPhone or iPad as the first step.

Secondly, you should use the Search menu to list all your followers.

For example, you can use “Filter Options” to list only inactive Twitter followers.

Lastly, you can select some or all of them and remove inactive Twitter accounts.

Wrapping Up

It is not always possible to control who follows us on Twitter. Some followers may start out as good, healthy accounts, but then turn into inactive, overactive, or spammy accounts.

When this happens, you can remove these followers from your Twitter account. There are some native ways to do this, but Circleboom Twitter offers the easiest and safest method. Circleboom Twitter can help you remove fake, spammy, inactive, and egghead Twitter followers.

Circleboom Twitter is a safe Twitter partner. It offers excellent features at affordable prices.

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