This page under construction like the Falcon!
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Stripped and Sealed with rust killer
Cowl was removed and the underside covered with
aluminum screen wire to keep leaves from entering
and winding up in the heater blower and vents where
it exited through the vents into the interior of the car.
Plastic cloth pins were used to clamp the screen to
the cowl on the far side they were reversed to hook
under the flange and apply pressure. I used UV
activated Bondo to secure the screen to the cowl.
Once secured and cured both sides of the cowl
were primed.
The cowl reinstalled after screen was added
under it.
The car after being primed.
Didn't like this and changed it to ....

This. It actually has a light green tent to it. The false kicker panel beneath the door is actually silver metal flake paint with black pin striping covering the border of the two different colors of paint. It lends to the elusion that it is a metal kicker panel. Personally I think it makes the car appear to be longer and sportier.

The car after adding Mags.