My last restoration Job, a 1967 Pontiac rag top. The picture was taken at the south west end of the San Jacinto Monument's reflecting pool in Pasadena Texas.

Unfortunately I decided I needed the $$$ more than the car and sold it to Cadilac Dealer in Houston. Below is a picture of the interior.
My current project car is a 1968 Ford Falcon Sports Coupe which has been in the family sense day one. My Mother bought this car new in 1967 after the new 68s came out. The VIN number appears to be the same as a 67 so I would imaging they were late getting the VINs updated to the 68 cars???

I got the car about 6 years ago and at that time it had 98,000 miles on it. At this time it has 119,000 and those miles are correct. I have a very strong attachment to this car as it was the car that picked me up after returning from Viet Nam and being discharged from the service. The Pontiac I owned at that time got totaled in an auto accident. A picture of that car will eventually be placed on here.

Hopefully the latest restoration project will be better than the last, but will take much longer because the $$$ is a lot tighter these days. The only thing unoriginal about this car now is the primer paint. It came with a 289 V8 engine and C4 automatic transmission.

The story as to why  Mom wound up with this car rather than a full sized 4 door sedan with a six banger is that a high pressure salesman told her the car would retain it's value better being a sports type car. She got it rather than the 4 door 6 cylinder sedan she had intended to buy. : )  I'd like to thank that salesman!

1972 Comet

This car needed a pasenger door, but the rest of the body was straight. It had a 302 V8 and was a pretty decent running little car. It also had a C4 Tranny. I bought a new car while I had this and sold it without ever having any notion of restoring it. Would like to have it back, but the same could be said for all of my old cars. (Even the Pinto)

1966 Pontiac Custom Coupe

I was traveling at 130 Mph when I came up on a sharp curve I wasn't expecting. As you can see I lived through it. However, I didn't walk away from it. This picture was made several weeks after the accident. My knees have never been the same and I have a scar with numerous stiches where the bandage on my head was. This was over 30 years ago.

The four cars above were or are actually owned by me where as some of the cars below will be pictures of other cars similar to ones I've owned, but have no pictures of. Those cars will be denoted by an * Astric after the name.

This page will be expanding and I plan to eventually have pictures of all the cars I've owned or like cars of the ones I've owned. For now a list of most of the cars I've owned will have to do until I get the pictures rounded up.

1965 Falcon *

Mine was dark metalic blue with a light blue interior. Had a 289 with manual transmision which had been converted to the floor. I bought the car from a friend for $350 one week and two weeks later sold it for $1100. I didn't want to sell the car even at that, but with an aditional bribe from the guy who bought it for a date with one of his working girls prompted me to sell the car. :(

1963 Econoline Van *

The X-Wife wound up with it in the divorce. I got stuck with the Pinto! Was worth it to get rid of her though! : )

1963 Spitfire *

Mine was the same color and was a fun little car to drive. That was the only car I ever owned that I could pick the rearend up and clear  the rear wheels off the ground.
1966 Mustang Convertible *

My car was burgandy with a red interior. 289 and C4 Tranny. Also factory air and most of the bells and whistles other than power windows and seats.

1964 1/2 Mustang *

My car was Red with Red Interior. A 271 Hp 289 had been transplanted
from a later model wrecked cobra fastback along with 4 speed tranny, headers, wild cam, high rise with double pumper and of course the Cobra valve covers and Malory ignition.
The engine developed well over 271 HP. Unfortunately the person who did
the transplant neglected to install a V8 front end or rear end. After twisting
off 3 U-Joints and finally twisting the shaft of going into the rear end I sold
the car!

1964 Impala SS *

My car was the same color although faded. It had 327 imblums, but you could see the 409 above them where the paint was new compaired to the old faded paint. Someone had pulled the 409 and replaced it with a 327. The body was straight and had a good interior. Had no idea back then the potential that car had.

1965 Impala *

Mine was the same color a 2 door hardtop with a 283 and auto. Never did like the car too well and after it got side swipped at a night club and exposed a good amount of bondo around the damage I got rid of it.

1961 Starliner *

Mine was red. Also had another one which was white but was the standard 2 door hard top . Can't remember what they were called.

1957 Ford Fairlane 500 2 door hardtop
1957 Ford 2 door coupe
1932 Ford Roadster (not the complete car Never finished)
1968 Bonneville (2 of these)
1968 Camero
1962 Chevy II Nova  (Transplanted a 283 in this one.)
1964 Chevy II Nova  (Burned this one to the ground and almost me with it)
1968 Dodge Charger
19?? Pinto
1950 Chevy PU 5 window mouse
1985 Ford PU (Loaded)
19?? Mustang II (2 of these)
19?? Mercury Capri
1967 Mustang Convertible (yellow repaint)
1963 Corvair Spyder
1963 to 1965 Corvairs at least 4
1971 Pontiac Bonneville 365 Hp 455

I'm sure there are lots more. Just let me think! Will probably add a few of my motorcycles to.

Shelby AC Cobra ***** (Replica)

NOPE! I never owned one of these..... out side of in my dreams! : )

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