I've been living with a trailer hitch my step dad made years ago. I've towed stuff all over the place with it, but have always been a little afraid of it. He also towed a camping trailer with it for years before he died. I can't complain because it has never failed me, but I did get stopped one time because it covered the license plate. Anyway I finally decided I was going to build one and here is how it goes.

The Old Hitch

I used part of a hitch that I got from an x-neighbor for the main part and added braces and a way to bolt it to the trunk wall.

This is the braces and old Henry ford added the holes for me to use to bolt them to.

Finished product. (Hay! the only can of black paint I had the nozzle was stopped up!)

Finished before putting it back on the car.

I tried to find a hitch that would fit, but was never sucessful. I went to a hitch dealer and they said they would have to build one, but said they would have to drill some holes in the bumper. That was enough for me because I may have it straightened and rechromed one of these days. Don't need any spare holes in it!

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