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Your feedback for Mac's?
Excellent 33%  33%  [ 23 ]
Good 39%  39%  [ 27 ]
Fair 10%  10%  [ 7 ]
Poor 10%  10%  [ 7 ]
Lousy! 9%  9%  [ 6 ]
Total votes : 70
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PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 7:08 pm 

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I haven't ordered anything from Mac's for years, but I sat next to the (then) current owner at a Falcon Nationals banquet, earlier this decade. He was very personable and even gave out some coupons to some at the table, that night. If I remember correctly, his father had started the business with Model A supplies way back when, and then expanded into other Ford models. Some time later that same year, I was surprised to hear that the company sold out to ??? and things changed, much as they did after Dearborn Classics was sold to a Brand C vendor.

It is a shame with the increased section of the vintage car market for Falcons, that vendors change hands and subsequently lose their customer appreciation. I think in the beginning they own the very same vehicles as the parts they sell, but life happens and businesses change hands to more 'corporate'-thinking groups. Unfortunately, it seems to be a trend... In this day of computer-driven communication abilities, it seems it should be easier for the vendor to update their customers, not be getting worse!


PostPosted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:31 pm 

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[quote="69Falcon"][quote="69Falcon"]I just changed my vote from good to poor.[/quote]

And I just changed it from poor to lousy.

End of March, I found out the original shop had lost my windshield, but had two rears. So on April 4th I went onto Mac's site because I'd seen they had the windshield for the big birds listed. Between the glass and the shipping, over $430. After almost a month, no sign of the windshield, and of course no communication, so on 5/2 I called for an update. They have to call the supplier who drop ships it and will send me an email with an update. Their email says "Our vendor has advised there is currently no ETA..." When I asked via email what that meant, I got no reply.

So on 5/3 I called, and was informed that their supplier had it on backorder because they were waiting for materials, and they had no idea when the windshield would be manufactured, let alone shipped. So I instruct them to cancel the order.

By 5/9 (yesterday) I hadn't seen a credit on my card, and of course, no communication, so called again. At first I was told that my support ticket had been closed without the cancellation, then she said it was cancelled but that takes 3-5 business days to process. Then she said they were waiting on written confirmation from their supplier that it hadn't been shipped before they could cancel it. They promised to process the refund within 24 hours. I was so ticked off I told them if I didn't get confirmation I'd be filing a fraud claim with my credit card.

Today (5/10) I received a call that they were processing it today, but it may take up to a week to show on my card depending on how long it takes the bank to process it.

Bottom line: They didn't list the item on their website as backordered, took $430 of my money and didn't tell me it was backordered indefinitely, and it took several calls, all initiated by me to get my refund.[/quote]

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

If I could change my rating from Lousy to "Bag O'Crap" I would. Use this company or any of the Eckler companies at your own peril. They suckered me in a second time. I don't recall if I saw it in a catalog they mailed or perhaps an email flyer, but they were advertising the windshields on sale. Silly me thought, guess that means they have them in stock again. So I called to confirm, the rep said they had another vendor who had them in stock, they'd shipped out the prior week. So I laid out my credit card. Guess what? Same story, on backorder with no ETA. And of course I don't find this out until I call them after a month of nothing from them. Waiting on them to process my refund once again.


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