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See below for alternative methods of Donating.

Why Donate?
Very little in life is free now days. To most of the TFFN members and visitors a lot of useful information and help is available for FREE, but it costs a good bit of money to keep it going and updated. If no donations are made then the costs come out of my pocket alone and I am not a rich person! The fact is that TFFN is on its own site and NOT some FREEBIE that is handed out by Yahoo or some other mega corporation. I think the difference can be easily seen by all of the stuff offered on TFFN. You don't get SPAM under the vale of corporate advertising just to be able to sign up. I also spend a LOT of time keeping everything running on the site and am constantly looking for ways to make it even better. You are donating to keep the site alive and to someone that appreciates your help unlike large non profit organizations that may use more of your donation to support numerous people than actually goes to any cause.

The information you can get through TFFN is invaluable and can save you a fortune in both help with how to do mods, repairs and so on not to mention the ability to find a lot of parts at a reasonable price and that are almost impossible to find. You might pay $12 a year or more for a magazine subscription that gives you very little usable information as far as working on your Falcon. How about going to a movie and spending money for that to only see the movie once?

TFFN has been around for well over Nine Years now. Please Help support it to make sure it is around for more years.

You can donate in several ways. Using the Pay Pal donate button is one, Donating Parts through the members auction forum is another. You can also send a personal check or money order. See address and instructions below the Pay Pal button.

If you donate by Pay Pal PLEASE PM me so I will have your forum Alias so I can upgrade your rank, move you to the Supporter's Group and add you to the Donating Member's List. If you donate by mail please include your Forum Alias and Email address so I can change your status also.

If you would rather donate by check or money order below is the address. Checks should be made out to David Smith. Keep in mind this is a screwed up postal system down here and although the address says Alpine, Texas it is actually to my mail box in Terlingua Ranch. I don't go to the box every day so if you want your donation posted then PM me and let me know you have sent one and the amount (Along with your Full Name) so I can go ahead and post it.

David Smith
1000 Elna Rd.
Alpine, TX 79830

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